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Suniai-Oliva is a retreat center with a pleasant, peaceful environment for resting, learning, and gathering in community. It’s a safe space where participants can relax and practice suniai – deeply listening to themselves and each other, and reconnecting with personal stories and inner truths.      


a place to learn and grow while surrounded
by natural beauty

Prep. for evening meditation
The stairs up to yoga space
Morning clase
Outdoor workshop
Outdoor art class
Dans workshop

Beautiful spaces are available for hosting a wide variety of activities– yoga, meditation, and art; permaculture and cooking; mindful meetings and relationship-building. If you dream it, we can help you host it.

Whether you’re an individual running a retreat – or a company hosting workshops, board meetings, or conferences – Suniai-Oliva offers newly-built facilities which include a large room with widows opening to panoramic views of orange groves and mountains. A large screen for presentations, along with a state-of-the-art sound system, are available in this acoustically treated room.

For yoga and meditation classes, blankets, blocks, and cushions are available as well as a beautiful gong. Indoors, calming colors and natural materials reflect the light and airy feeling of the Spanish countryside.

Suniai Oliva retreat center: Local Vegetables

There are pleasant outdoor spaces for gathering that can be enjoyed year-round in the temperate climate of our Valencian province. Enjoy open-air sessions in the shade of the olive trees or on sunny expanses of grass.

With gardens, a pond, and walking paths tucked into groves of olive and orange trees, Suniai-Oliva is designed to bring the body, mind, and soul into harmony with nature in as many ways as possible.

Open your body
Art Class under the olivtrees
Fresh orange to by juice
Yoga House enter
Morning juice
Nice dessert



We believe in the healing properties of food and, with that in mind, meals at Suniai-Oliva are integral to your stay. Nourishing, nutrient-dense foods support not only physical health but mental and spiritual health as well.

Our talented vegan chef prepares delicious gluten- and lactose-free meals for you to savour. If you have special needs beyond this,
please let us know early in your planning and we will try to accommodate you.

Fantastic Meal
Good Dessert


a place for nourishing
body, mind and soul


Our vegetable and herb garden is in its early stages, with plans for the garden to supplement our needs in the future. We source gorgeous, fresh produce from local farmers and buy organic produce as available.

The kitchen is adjacent to the dining room where we enjoy our meals; dining outdoors is also available. We serve all meals as a buffet, gathering together to nourish our bodies with whole, natural foods while also nourishing our souls with companionship and conversation.

Our chef is available for mindful cooking lessons in our kitchen. Learn how to prepare some of the nutritious meals of Suniai-Oliva, so you can continue nourishing your body and soul once you return home.

Kitchen Chef Pilar
Daily Food
Suniai Oliva Yoga Room Reconnect



a place of comfort, 
rest and pleasure

suniai bun
Room 18
Room 1
Rom 11
Bathroom room 18


We have 16 double occupancy rooms. The bedrooms are designed to be a quiet, relaxing oasis – a place for you to land gently at the end of each day. Settle into the pillows and comfortable bed; luxuriate in the fluffy down duvet and quality linens. We’ve taken care of everything you need for a good night’s rest. Colors are soft, neutral, and inspired by nature; bedrooms have views of the garden and orange groves. All rooms have a private bathroom with a shower.

Décor is a mix of Spanish and Nordic elements with attention to high quality materials. You’ll be comfortable regardless of the season with air conditioning in summer and underfloor heating for autumn and winter.

We also have a bedroom that is accessible to those with special needs.


If you wish to relax outdoors, we have abundant, lovely spaces for that, too. Walk through the orange grove, fragrant with the scent of orange blossoms. Float in the twenty-meter saltwater pool and watch the clouds float by. Curl up under an olive tree with a book.

We believe that pleasure is healing and we’ve created Suniai-Oliva as a place for experiencing comfort and contentment, peace and presence. Whether treating your taste buds in the kitchen or while dipping your toes in the pool, you’ll discover sensory delights all around you. Our hope is for you to relish your time here.

The relaxing Space
The garden
Yoga House enter
Oranges From Suniai Oliva Garden


a very special place on the eastern
coast of Spain

suniai shell
The Oliva mountains
We have many trees in the garden
Yoga House
Relax in the garden
Oliva Beach


Suniai-Oliva is located near the village of Oliva, nestled midway between the cities of Valencia and Alicante, on the eastern coast of Spain. Surrounded by mountains, sea, and farmland, the area feels safe and snug, an oasis tucked into the Spanish countryside. The Mediterranean climate offers mild winters and dry summers and, while there is some tourism, there are very few hotels which leaves the environment undisturbed and quiet.

To visit Oliva, you can drive or bike on narrow roads that wind through fertile farmland. On Friday mornings, there’s a wonderful open-air market where local vendors sell fresh produce and items such as clothing and handmade soaps.

Relax, Renew, reconnect in Suniai Oliva in Spain (Valencia)
Renew, Reconnect, Relax


From the retreat center, take a short, 15-minute walk to a white sand beach and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean. As you walk, you’ll get a sense of the locale as you pass through orange and olive groves and walk by private homes.

Or take a short car ride to the mountains where you can enjoy beautiful hiking trails and experience the rugged landscape with panoramic views of the sea.

Fantastic Beach
Nice Watter
Place to relax
Retreat Center Spain yoga
Marie i Yoga salle


suniai bun


a place for connecting to
self, others, and Earth

Suniai-Oliva is a manifestation of our desire to live sustainably and mindfully. The retreat center is powered entirely by solar power and clean, fresh water comes from our own well. The placement and design of the buildings has taken into account the path of the sun throughout the day as well as the seasons, which optimizes energy efficiency. Solar power provides electricity for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter; additionally, the buildings have underfloor heating and there are cozy fireplaces in the yoga room and living room for the cooler months.

As well as being a place for relaxing and reconnecting to self, spending time at Suniai-Oliva also affords guests the opportunity to connect beyond the self. Considered an important part of any spiritual practice, seva – or selfless service – is encouraged. Small tasks like chopping vegetables, weeding the garden, or sweeping the floor allow participants to move beyond the self and contribute to the collective. It’s a way of listening to others, including the Earth, and responding in simple yet generous ways.

We pride ourselves on clear communication and honesty. Upon securing registration, an agreement form is sent to facilitators to establish these clear lines of communication and responsibility.

When guests are visiting our retreat center, we are present and responsive. It’s important that participants feel comfortable, safe, and cared for, and we delight in creating an environment where people can truly relax. 

The premises are drug-free, including alcohol and nicotine. Everything about Suniai-Oliva encourages deep rest and the opportunity for deep listening.


Marie & Jean-Paul

Marie Walking with Dog in Retreat Center Suniai Oliva
Jean-Paul Flourié in the Garden Suniai Oliva

The practice of deep listening, suniai, has led us on a journey to build Suniai-Oliva – a caring, heart-centered, environmentally-conscious community in the Valencian sunshine.

We’re Marie and Jean-Paul Flourié and we’ve been working alongside each other for 30+ years, gaining experience and knowledge that has shaped our intentions and design for Suniai-Oliva. Initially working in hospitality and catering, we then started our own cleaning company in Stockholm, which grew to employ 250 individuals. Our experiences have taught us a great deal about clear and loving communication with others and how to run a financially successful business. We’ve taken that learning to the next level in the creation of our retreat center, Suniai-Oliva, where joy and peace, comfort and relaxation, and community and connection thrive.

We are dedicated to our work at Suniai-Oliva and hold loving space for all of our guests. Our life experiences have led us to build this beautiful retreat center where people come for rest, renewal, and a reconnection to self. This is exquisite work and we are honored to be stewards of this land as well as stewards of your time here.

We have personally learned, and continue to learn, the value of deep listening; this listening has led to the birth of Suniai-Oliva. We’re excited to share Suniai-Oliva’s beauty with you. We invite you to this special place which is rooted in honesty and connection, in wholehearted and sustainable living, in deep listening.

Suniai-Oliva is our gift to you.

suniai flower


Discover the transformative power of Suniai Oliva. Find balance, peace, and well-being with us. Let the enchanting natural surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and introspection.

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